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Moving internationally can be an exigent chore and when you are embarking on a permanent move, the main concern is the luggage barriers and the customs regulations at the airports that are particularly dealing with security requirements and the need of precise and punctuality. Concerning these stresses, you need an expert who has been working with thousands of people and proudly get the job done by bringing your belongings safe anywhere in the globe.

Orison Movers & Packers (Pvt) Limited also deals in international relocation services with the same comfort and benefits as we have a global network of locations to our credit.

Service Redefined

Orison Movers & Packers (Pvt) Limited is a household brand and with an experience of knowledge and resources to take your board; we are proud to share our services and provide you the comfort with our unparalleled service and the dedication to give you profile attention in this regard.

The Co-Ordination… That Counts

You are starting off with the perfect place… as you are willing to move abroad; Orison Movers & Packers  (Pvt) Limited take all the care from visa & immigration, storage, pre-move survey, confirmation, and insurance whilst providing you the comfort of home based documentation with the same quality and specialised customer service.

We take all your consignments to a very confined outbound shipment style and use special material to pack your wardrobe, cartons, tissue paper and even the fragile items with complete care and stay until the complete unpacking and the final touches are done at your new home.

The company has been moving more than 100,00 families abroad and we firmly believe that no other company shall take the responsibility in a perfect way as Orison Movers & Packers take.

The Premium


Orison Movers & Packers (Pvt) Limited take care of all your personal belongings and the personal effects across to the next door! We make sure that your goods are relocated perfectly in the safe and perfect condition in and an easy and stress-free way for you to save the bundle.

We have the pride in operating pleasant, secure and reliable atmosphere and also providing you the peace of mind by covering your premium package for you to judge better.

For any hesitation, you can just call us and get the ball rolling.

The affordable rates that Orison Movers & Packers charge are competitive not only in the price category but also the assurance and the reliability of our commitment to relocate your belongings internationally for you to be happy.

Following are our features that have given us an opportunity to stand out of all the crowd of others.

  • Prices that are within your means
  • Watchful management
  • International Compensation Services
  • Good transportation Services
  • Destination Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Adapted Policy Consulting
  • Shipment of Household Goods
  • Group shifting
  • Storage and warehousing facilities, short term as well as long term
  • Settling In Services
  • Good quality service
  • Assurance of safety
  • Quick service with a smile
  • Trained manpower that has good knowledge of latest shifting techniques.

Our International relocation services include following procedures

  • Documentation and related paperwork
  • Custom clearance formalities
  • Visa clearance


For any further information regarding our wide range of International Relocation Services
Call our 24×7 Customer Care Centre 0345 2466509.

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