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Insurance Services

insWe do care for our clients and their valuable goods by reducing the probability of damaged during moving and packing process. Orison Movers &Packers undertake all the insurance issues to save their clients precious and valuable time and money. All the process is cover under the close regulation as per the requirement of the clients and also provides insurance documentation in an appropriate way.

Here are some advantages for insurance policies:

  • Policies supported by key insurers
  • Professional policy documents
  • Claims can be settled directly with the insurer
  • Effectively handled and promptly settled claims
  • Completely insured possession


For all relocation plans, insurance policies are necessary. We are here to provide the best transportation and packing services, so it is our duty to keep hard track on accident, sabotage, riots, fire etc and it is very tough and dangerous for your precious goods. Therefore, for your valuable goods we offer transit risk cover and somehow it falls to the 1%. Comprehensive risk that is the other kind risk covers of 3% of the value for your precious goods. As we are the topmost Movers & Packers company in the country. Following types of insurance policies, we offer to give compensation due to damages.comited

  • Storage insurance
  • Transportation insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance

We Are Here For Our Valuable Clients!!

We Orison Movers & Packers (Pvt) limited Pakistan move almost everywhere in the country. Our extensive variety of services offers extra discounts and benefits that help us to facilitate our clients properly.

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