Orison Movers have been the trusted name in providing wooden crating & Industrial packaging services. We’ve been the most preferred supplier to the leading companies because of our crating and industrial packaging solutions that are highly functional and cost-effective. We use high-quality raw materials that help in making our packages and crates more durable and protective while they are being transported. our experienced, skilled, hardworking, and knowledgeable workforce try their best to come up with the solutions to meet the exact demand of our clients. We also offer special solutions such as reusable packaging and packaging for hazardous goods requiring expert handling by our trained experts. In short, if you need aid in industrial packaging or wood crating you need to contact us to explore a broad range of solutions.

What Do We Offer?

  • Wooden crates;

They are to be packed according to the goods, are always visible yet fully protected. They are used for the packaging of household goods, industrial machinery, industrial goods, export goods, etc . They are Suitable for land, sea, or air transport via containers. Provides Medium to a high level of protection. 

  • wooden boxes;
  • They ensures the content is transported in excellent condition, preventing any damage caused by its transportation or storage. They are suitable to be transported via land, sea, or air and via Flat Rack containers. Provide high level of protection.
  • Wooden platforms;

They can carry any type of cargo goods. They are a perfect solution for large transport goods. They are Suitable for transport inside containers or land-based transport. Provides Low to medium level of protection.

  • Wooden Pallets; They are best for packing and shipping items as they can be lifted from all four sides. We offer two-way and four-way. Provides medium level of protection.


Why Choose Our Packing Services?

  • we ensure maximum protection in transit
  • our services are cost-effective
  • flexible designing
  • Best quality material used
  • multiple layers for safety
  • Superior quality of wood, plywood, and fine finishing
  • high capacity wooden crates
  • cost-effective
  • 24/7 customer service available
  • experienced and skilled professional experts
  • Customized wooden crates solution
  • shock and vibration resistant

Orison Movers & Packers in Pakistancovers almost every part of the country. Our wide range of services with supplementary discounts and benefits comes in an incredible competitive price range and is just a call away.

For further information regarding our services
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